08-12 2017

Wear Resistance of Refractory Materials

Refractory abrasion resistance depends on the composition and structure of the material. When the material is a dense crystal composed of a single crystal, its wear resistance depends primarily on the…

08-07 2017

The Application of Refractory Materials

Alkaline refractory materials with high temperature calcination and resistance to chemical erosion of the strong characteristics of the cement kiln is to achieve high quality, high yield, low consumpt…

07-29 2017

Pouring Material Construction Precautions

The construction of castables depends on the rheological properties of the castables, and the rheology of the castables depends on the particle size of the castables ( the ratio of aggregate to binder…

07-22 2017

Unshaped Refractories Commonly Used Admixtures

Addition agent refers to the unshaped refractory materials in addition to refractory barren material (granular and powdery material) and refractory clay and other plastic materials and binders and oth…

07-15 2017

Refractory Castable

A granular or powdery material made from refractory material by adding certain amounts of binder. With high fluidity, suitable for casting molding of unshaped refractories. Compared with other unshape…

07-05 2017

Three Main Chemical Elements of Refractory

According to the refractory materials in a variety of chemical composition and its role, usually divided into the main component, plus components and impurities three categories.(1) The main component…

06-30 2017

Pouring Material Storage Considerations

Pouring Materials are unshaped refractory materials, widely used, such as the use of the furnace lining, the daily maintenance of Pouring Materials is related to the service life of Pouring Materials…

06-19 2017

Ramming Mass

Ramming mass refers to the use of ramming (artificial or mechanical) method of construction, and higher than the heating at room temperature under the hardening of the unshaped refractories. By a cert…

06-12 2017

Performance Characteristics of Siliceous Refractories

Siliceous refractories are refractory products with a silica content of not less than 93%. Its performance is characterized by high softening temperature of the load (ordinary silicon brick minimum 16…

06-03 2017

The Application of Ramming Material

Can be used for complex structure of the mold can not be vibrating parts of the wind pick or mechanical ramming material less or have important parts, can be used to hand pound. The refractory castabl…

05-31 2017

Silica Ramming Mass-Taurus Refractory Material

Silica ramming mass that our factory produces is called as "mixed sand" ,for short,This product is the main refractory for the medium frequency induction furnace used by the small steel enterprises. I…

05-22 2017

Pouring Material

Pouring Material is an indefinite refractory material with a die casting vibrating construction method can be discharged from the material in the air bubbles can be achieved.

05-12 2017

Common Knowledge of Refractory Castables

Refractory materials variety,different purposes, it is necessary to scientific classification of refractories, in order to facilitate scientific research, rational selection and management. There are …

05-04 2017

Lightweight Castable Construction Precautions

Light castable construction template can be made of steel or hardwood version (plywood),template to have enough strength, good rigidity, not contorts, do not shift, do not leak pulp,steel mold to be c…

04-21 2017

The Introduction of the Magnesite Ramming Mass

Ramming material to silicon carbide, graphite, electric calcined anthracite as raw materials, mixed with a variety of ultrafine powder additives, fused cement or composite resin made of binder powde…

04-12 2017

The Main Chemical Elements Of Refractory Materials

According to the content of all kinds of chemical components in refractory and its role,usually divided into the main components, plus components and impurities three categories.

03-29 2017

The Process Characteristics of Unshaped Refractories

The use of granular and powdered refractories for unshaped refractories determines the chemical and mineral composition. In addition, it is also closely related to the variety and quantity of the bind…

03-18 2017

Manufacture of Unshaped Refractory Materials

Gongyi Taurus Refractory Material Factory is a professional refractory materials manufacturers and refractory materials suppliers,mainly supply Unshaped Refractories,Silicon Carbide Refractory Castabl…

03-11 2017

Copper Smelting Carbon Refractory

Carbonaceous refractory materials are widely accepted in many reducing smelting processes such as iron and ferroalloys. Oxidizing processes such as copper concentrate smelting traditionally use magnes…

03-04 2017

Taurus Refractory Materials

Taurus refractory materials apply to electric induction furnace on smelting nonferrous metal. Jinniu refractory has been manufacturing refractory materials which apply to Non-ferrous metal induction f…

02-28 2017

Refractory Molded Brick-Jinniu Refractory Material

According to the different composition of refractory brick, refractory molded bricks can be divided into five categories: Silica alumina refractory molded brick;Basic series of refractory molded bric…

02-17 2017

What are the frequently used refractories?

Refractories are commonly used in metallurgy, glass, cement, ceramics, mechanical thermal processing, petrochemical, power and defense industries.

02-17 2017

What is insulation castable refractory(low density castable refractory)

Insulation casting material is the low density of pouring material, the basic body close to 1.5.Casting material contains many pores, low volume density, small thermal conductivity, good thermal insul…

02-10 2017

The Characteristics And Application Of Refractory Cement

Taurus Refractory ramming mass Factory mainly engaged in professional manufacturer of development, production and sales of the refractory mixture such as melting copper, aluminum and zinc furnace lini…

02-04 2017

Ramming Mass And Its Properties

Refractory materials such as Silica Ramming Mass are mainly used as linings in furnace or systems that are exposed to temperatures above 1000o F or 550oC. They are commonly used in furnaces, kilns, re…

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