Gongyi Taurus Refractory Material Factory, registered trademark "Kefeng", is located in Gongyi City, Henan Province which is close to the Longhai Railway Lianhuo expressway, the traffic is very convenient.

Welcome to taurus refractory who specializes refractory products for smelting Copper and other non-ferrous metals . We welcome the opportunity to show our products and services and hope that this site will be informative and helpful to all that visit.Taurus refractory has extensive experience in many industries ranging from smelting Copper and other non-ferrous metals.We work to provide the best products and service to handle your application needs. We are located in the middle China and provide refractories all over the country. Please looking to our website, You will find information about useful to you where we supply excellent quality ramming mass, castable materials, installation services,fireclay and so on for your individual application. Thank you for your interest in taurus refractory. and please feel free to use the Contact Us page to get in touch with a representative to assist you in your next project.

The main products are: GGD series of siliceous ramming material, composite silica ramming material GHD series, advanced composite silica ramming material, FGGD series high aluminum composite ramming material ASC, AMD series; low cement corundum, mullite, high alumina, alumina magnesia castable, model, CJ AJ, AMJ series; auxiliary refractory ramming material GLS series, GS series, plastic series of refractory clay type, and an electric low creep brick brick series.

I plant with: Ningbo Jintian group, Hailiang group, Jiangxi copper group, Anhui Xin, Wuhu public source, Shanxi spring, Fujian Zijin, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai Bada Al in science and technology, Guangzhou copper, Guizhou copper, silver Gaoke, northwest Shenyang mint, Taiwan copper, Gao Xinzhang first copper and other famous enterprises successfully cooperation, and exported to Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries.

Our business policy is: guided by the market, in order to guarantee the quality, to increase management efficiency, to guarantee the development of innovation. Uphold the integrity, pragmatic, innovation concept, we will with excellent product quality and good reputation for our factory to bring better quality benefit.
We have the spirit of "quality first, service first" business purpose, thank you for your cooperation and support by new and old customers for many years, we will continue to provide you with quality service.

Taurus Refractory ramming mass Factory mainly engaged in professional manufacturer of development, production and sales of the refractory mixture such as melting copper, aluminum and zinc furnace lining. And supply castable refractory for copper smelting, ramming mass for molten copper,fire clay,refractory mortar, refractory cement ,refractory mixture, refractory concrete and silica sand for copper smelting.
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products list : castable refractory cement for up lead copper rod  Molten Zinc Refractory Casting     Molten Zinc Ramming Mass     Molten Aluminum Refractory Material      refractory castable for up lead copper rod    Special Refractory Ramming Mass     Copper alloy refractory materials for electric furnace      acidic refractory for electric furnace body   electric furnace refractory material for copper smelting     Corrosion resistance       Molen Zinc Refractory Castable for up lead copper rod    High Strength Refractory Mortar      Refractory installation services Fireclay   Light-weight Castable Refractory    Casting Refractory    Accessory Refractory Material   Corrosion resistance Quartz sand    High Grade Composite Silica Ramming Mass    Corundum Plastic Refrctory     Alumina Composite Ramming Mass for horizontal continuous casting      Silica Refractory Ramming Mass for horizontal continuou casting    quartz sand refractory for copper smelting     silica sand refractory for core induction furnace      refractory concrete block      pre-cast refractory block      refractory ramming mixture     fire clay for up lead copper rod      refractory mortar for non core induction furnace    refractory cement for copper smelting      high grade composite silica mortar     silica refractory cement     Magnesia refractory cement