05-18 2017

Unshaped Refractory Classification

Ladle castable is a kind of refractory material made of granular or powdery material, and add a certain amount of binder and other components together. Ladle castable with high liquidity, suitable for…

05-08 2017

The Use of Refractory Castables

Refractory castable is mainly used in the high temperature easy to wear parts of the thermal furnace, compared with the use of the refractory bricks,refractory castables have outstanding advantages: g…

04-26 2017

The Development Trend of Refractory Castables

Gongyi Taurus Refractory Material Factory is a professional refractory materials manufacturers and refractory materials suppliers,mainly supply Unshaped Refractories,Silicon Carbide Refractory Castabl…

04-14 2017

Common Lightweight Castable Classification

Light castable is made of aluminate cement, high alumina fines, ceramsite, plus a number of additives, the product has a light weight, high compressive strength, acid and acid gas corrosion. Insulatio…

04-01 2017

Pouring Material-Taurus Refractory Material Factory

Pouring Material also known as refractory pouring material, is a kind of refractory material by adding a certain amount of binder made of granular and powdery material, with high mobility, casting met…

03-22 2017

The Classification of Unshaped Refractories

According to the construction method and material properties, unshaped refractory material can be divided into pouring material, mouldable refractory, ramming material, spray material, casting materia…

03-15 2017

Unshaped Refractories

Unshaped refractory material is a kind of refractory material, which is made of refractory aggregate with certain particle size gradation, powder, binding agent and admixture,also known as bulk refrac…

03-11 2017

Gongyi Taurus Refractory Material Factory Of New Research Achievements

In order to improve the lining life, reduce the production cost, improve the management benefit, Gongyi Taurus Refractory Material Factory developed a new product names melting channel "Prefabricated …

03-04 2017

Emerging Economies to Drive Global Activated Alumina Market

According to a recent report from Technavio, the global activated alumina market was estimated at 95.3 kilotons in 2015. It is expected to reach 138.8 kilotons by 2020, growing at a compound annual gr…

02-17 2017

What is acid refractory?

Acid refractory refractory material usually refers to the content of SiO2 is above 93%, its main characteristic is that it can resist the erosion of acid slag at high temperature,

02-17 2017

Basic knowledge of refractories

Refractories generally refers to the degree of fire at 1580 degrees Celsius above the inorganic non-metallic materials, including natural minerals and in accordance with certain requirements of a vari…

02-17 2017

Types and compositions of commonly used types of refractory bricks

The types and components of the commonly used types of refractory bricks are in accordance with the provisions of the current code for acceptance of construction

02-17 2017

Common knowledge about refractory castables

General knowledge of pouring castable material as a new type of refractory material, its main characteristic is high mobility, unshaped refractory materials suitable for casting molding,

02-04 2017

Refractory Selection Guide for Copper Producers

Taurus Refractories manufactures a complete line of refractories for use in copper production. Refractory products are offered in a range of brick and castable formulations that can withstand high tem…

01-13 2017

Why is the refractory castable material

Aluminum melting furnace special refractory castable performance and heat insulation effect. The aluminum melting furnace special refractory castable can promote agglutination,

01-13 2017

The general ratio of refractory castable on high alumina refractory material?

High bauxite aggregate 65-70%, 7-10% high alumina refractory cement, silica refractory cement and alumina refractory mortar powder 5-8%, bauxite powder 15-24%, water reducing agent 0.2%,

01-13 2017

Refractory castable, refractory ramming material, refractory plastic distinction?

Compared with the construction method, the basic composition of the ordinary ramming material is similar to that of the plastic casting material,

01-13 2017

How to cast the refractory castable to crack?

See off site, if small, with some ramming material or plastic to repair, but the first clean contact surface, if not adhesive can bond in the sprinkler or daub on the contact surface (choose what bond…

01-13 2017

What are the factors that affect the performance of low cement refractory castable

Factors affecting the properties of low cement refractory castable: condensation is directly related to time and hardening of cement and the strength of the general construction to ensure adequate tim…

01-13 2017

How to keep refractory castable material?

refractory castablematerial stored in a warehouse roof ventilation, no rain, no moisture.

01-13 2017

Injection type of refractory castables

Mainly according to the porosity, binder, aggregate type classification. In actual use, often with the use of temperature or features are classified. According to the porosity of a dense castable and …

01-13 2017

Why refractory castable is easy to fail?

As long as the castable has a shelf-life for a long time it is easy to failure, failure is that the bond in the casting material (cement), exceeding the preservation period,

01-13 2017

Why refractory castable cement?

Because of the neutral (aluminum silicon material), acidic (quartz) refractories, too much Cao will lead to a sharp drop in the high-temperature properties of the material, resulting in a series of ad…

01-13 2017

What are the advantages of low cement refractory castable?

so as to improve the fire resistance, high temperature strength and slag resistance;2) the cement hydrates generated after molding and curing, a lot of damage to the hydration key temperature decrease…