Molten Copper Refractory Material

Molten Copper Refractory Material


High strength anti-seepage ramming material High strength anti-seepage
Chemical Composition (%) Al2O3 0.4 70 70 75
SiO2 90 18 20 16
SiC -- 5 6 6
Fe2O3 0.8 0.8 0.6 0.6
Cold crushing strength (MPa)
110℃×24h -- -- 35 35
800℃×3h 25 23 28 30
Refractoriness under load (℃) -0.2% -- -- 1450 1480
Linear Changing after Burnt (%) 800℃×3h 0~+1.0 0~+0.6 0~+0.8 0~+0.8
Apparent porosity (%) 800℃×3h 23 21 20 20
Bulk Density (g./cm3) 800℃×3h 2.2 2.6 2.7 2.8
Working Temperature(℃) 720-850
Refractoriness (℃) 1580 1620 1730 1750
Construciton Amount(kg/m3 2300 2700 2800 2900
Applied Parts Bottom of Induction furnace, furnace wall and sensor Furnace wall and bottom Sensor

Taurus Refractory ramming mass Factory mainly engaged in professional manufacturer of development, production and sales of the refractory mixture such as melting copper, aluminum and zinc furnace lining. And supply castable refractory for copper smelting, ramming mass for molten copper,fire clay,refractory mortar, refractory cement ,refractory mixture, refractory concrete and silica sand for copper smelting.
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