Characteristic: Cost down, Heat preservation, Save electricity, Non-stickslag, Fast drying, Chemical bonded, Corrosion resistance, Osmosis-resistant

Characteristic: High strength, Corrosion resistance, Hydraulicity, Volume stability, Thermal shock resistance, Flame blowing resistance, Spalling resistance, Fiberfrax added, Castable, Easy construction, Low consumption Adapt to complex shape or anchoring dense narrow furnace and artifacts

Characteristic: High load, Thermal shock resistance, High refractoriness, Corrosion resistance, Spalling resistance, Volume stability, High purity materials,Compound admixtures

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12 Aug

Wear Resistance of Refractory Materials

Refractory abrasion resistance depends on the composition and structure of the material. When the material is a den
07 Aug

The Application of Refractory Materials

Alkaline refractory materials with high temperature calcination and resistance to chemical erosion of the strong ch
29 Jul

Pouring Material Construction Precautions

The construction of castables depends on the rheological properties of the castables, and the rheology of the casta
22 Jul

Unshaped Refractories Commonly Used Admixtures

Addition agent refers to the unshaped refractory materials in addition to refractory barren material (granular and
15 Jul

Refractory Castable

A granular or powdery material made from refractory material by adding certain amounts of binder. With high fluidit

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16 Aug

Advanced Composite Silicite Ramming Mass

Our factory is the production of copper melting copper furnace lining refractories of professional manufacturers.Th
09 Aug

The Characteristics of Refractory Castables

Refractory castable is an unshaped refractory currently the most widely producted and used. Mainly used to build a
02 Aug

Use of Refractory Castables

Refractory castable is currently the most widely used unshaped refractory. Mainly used to build a variety of furnac
26 Jul

Corundum Refractory Production Process

Casting corundum products used in raw materials are mainly industrial alumina and quartz sand. The mixed batch is m
19 Jul

Refractory Properties

The physical properties of refractories include structural functions, thermal function, mechanical function, use fu