Characteristic: Cost down, Heat preservation, Save electricity, Non-stickslag, Fast drying, Chemical bonded, Corrosion resistance, Osmosis-resistant

Characteristic: High strength, Corrosion resistance, Hydraulicity, Volume stability, Thermal shock resistance, Flame blowing resistance, Spalling resistance, Fiberfrax added, Castable, Easy construction, Low consumption Adapt to complex shape or anchoring dense narrow furnace and artifacts

Characteristic: High load, Thermal shock resistance, High refractoriness, Corrosion resistance, Spalling resistance, Volume stability, High purity materials,Compound admixtures

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03 Feb

How to Choose High-quality Refractory Bricks

First of all, Taurus Refractory Factory is a professional manufacturer of refractory materials, different from smal
27 Jan

Standard Refractory Brick

Standard refractory brick is a kind of refractory material. The specification length 230 mm × wide 114 high (or th
17 Jan

How to Masonry Refractory Bricks

Brick masonry construction should be staggered brick joints, brick joints need to use refractory mud (dry refractor
10 Jan

Detailed Classification of Refractory Brick Types

According to the complexity of the shape and size, refractory bricks have been divided into general type, abnormal
27 Dec

Classification of Refractory Brick Containing Zirconium

Zirconium refractory brick. Belonging to an acidic material, the product is made from natural zircon sand (ZrSiO2).

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07 Feb

The Use of Various Refractory Bricks

The general use of refractory bricks and the use of temperature, refractory bricks, also known as stereotypes refra
31 Jan

The Quality Indicators of Refractory Material

Refractory products according to the molding of the production process can be divided into: no burning, sintering a
24 Jan

Factors Affecting Refractory Castables

Gongyi Taurus Refractory Material Factory is a professional refractory materials manufacturers and refractory mater
13 Jan

Factors Affecting the Life of Refractory Bricks

The anti - slag property of the physical function of refractory brick refers to the resistance to chemical attack o
04 Jan

Insulation Refractory Brick Classification

Insulation firebrick. Refers to the high porosity, low bulk density, low thermal conductivity of refractory materia