Characteristic: Cost down, Heat preservation, Save electricity, Non-stickslag, Fast drying, Chemical bonded, Corrosion resistance, Osmosis-resistant

Characteristic: High strength, Corrosion resistance, Hydraulicity, Volume stability, Thermal shock resistance, Flame blowing resistance, Spalling resistance, Fiberfrax added, Castable, Easy construction, Low consumption Adapt to complex shape or anchoring dense narrow furnace and artifacts

Characteristic: High load, Thermal shock resistance, High refractoriness, Corrosion resistance, Spalling resistance, Volume stability, High purity materials,Compound admixtures

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22 May

Pouring Material

Pouring Material is an indefinite refractory material with a die casting vibrating construction method can be disch
12 May

Common Knowledge of Refractory Castables

Refractory materials variety,different purposes, it is necessary to scientific classification of refractories, in o
04 May

Lightweight Castable Construction Precautions

Light castable construction template can be made of steel or hardwood version (plywood),template to have enough str
21 Apr

The Introduction of the Magnesite Ramming Mass

Ramming material to silicon carbide, graphite, electric calcined anthracite as raw materials, mixed with a variet
12 Apr

The Main Chemical Elements Of Refractory Materials

According to the content of all kinds of chemical components in refractory and its role,usually divided into the m

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18 May

Unshaped Refractory Classification

Ladle castable is a kind of refractory material made of granular or powdery material, and add a certain amount of b
08 May

The Use of Refractory Castables

Refractory castable is mainly used in the high temperature easy to wear parts of the thermal furnace, compared with
26 Apr

The Development Trend of Refractory Castables

Gongyi Taurus Refractory Material Factory is a professional refractory materials manufacturers and refractory mater
14 Apr

Common Lightweight Castable Classification

Light castable is made of aluminate cement, high alumina fines, ceramsite, plus a number of additives, the product
01 Apr

Pouring Material-Taurus Refractory Material Factory

Pouring Material also known as refractory pouring material, is a kind of refractory material by adding a certain am