Characteristic: Cost down, Heat preservation, Save electricity, Non-stickslag, Fast drying, Chemical bonded, Corrosion resistance, Osmosis-resistant

Characteristic: High strength, Corrosion resistance, Hydraulicity, Volume stability, Thermal shock resistance, Flame blowing resistance, Spalling resistance, Fiberfrax added, Castable, Easy construction, Low consumption Adapt to complex shape or anchoring dense narrow furnace and artifacts

Characteristic: High load, Thermal shock resistance, High refractoriness, Corrosion resistance, Spalling resistance, Volume stability, High purity materials,Compound admixtures

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17 Jan

Ramming Mass

Ramming material is ramming (artificial or mechanical) method of construction, and under the heating effect of hi
13 Jan

Refractory castable cracking at high temperature

The top of the annealing furnace using refractory castable is made, oven for four days, to a high temperature durin
13 Jan

Refractory material to oven?

The oven is a key link in the construction and use of refractory castable. Its main function is to eliminate lining
13 Jan

The difference between acid and heat resistant castable…

Acid resistant brick is a kind of ceramic products, is made of high temperature, and pouring material is the use of
13 Jan

Castable refractory and plastic refractory mortar which…

From the definition of strict distinction, unshaped refractory material is two different types (according to the co

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08 Dec

Lining baking process of extended service life of furna…

Add liningfirstly, should tie good lining ahead of the completion of the preparatory work needs to add iron and bre
13 Jan

Why is the refractory castable material

Aluminum melting furnace special refractory castable performance and heat insulation effect. The aluminum melting f
13 Jan

The general ratio of refractory castable on high alumin…

High bauxite aggregate 65-70%, 7-10% high alumina refractory cement, silica refractory cement and alumina refractor
13 Jan

Refractory castable, refractory ramming material, refra…

Compared with the construction method, the basic composition of the ordinary ramming material is similar to that of
13 Jan

How to cast the refractory castable to crack?

See off site, if small, with some ramming material or plastic to repair, but the first clean contact surface, if no