Continuous casting Refractory cement

Continuous casting Refractory cement

Brief introduction of refractory cements
Refractory mortar is composed of refractory powder, binder and additive,the main refractory cenent raw materials are mostly bauxite, magnesite.Almost all refractory materials can be made into powder used to make refractory mortars,The refractory clinker powder with appropriate plastic clay as binder and plasticizer is made of ordinary refractory mud,Its normal temperature strength is low, the formation of ceramics at high temperature with high strength.The chemically bonded refractory mud, which is a combination of hydraulic, pneumatic or thermal bonding, is hardened at a lower temperature than a certain chemical reaction before the formation of the ceramic bonding temperature.
The size of refractory mud varies according to the requirements,Its limit size is generally less than 1mm, some less than 0.5mm or more fine.
Selection of refractory mud material, should be considered and refractory brick material consistent.Schamotte except for Qifeng material outside, also can use daub or spray method used for lining body protection coating.

Characteristics and application of refractory cement.
1.Good plasticity, convenient construction;
2.Strong bonding strength, strong corrosion resistance;
3.High degree of fire resistance, up to1650℃±50℃;
4.Good resistance to slag resistance;
5.Refractory mortar is mainly used in coke oven, glass furnace, blast furnace and other industrial furnaces

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