Refractory Molded Brick

Refractory Molded Brick

According to the different composition of refractory brick, refractory molded bricks  can be divided into five categories: Silica alumina refractory molded brick;Basic series of refractory molded bricks;Carbon containing refractory molded brick;zirconium containing refractory molded brick;insulating refractory molded brick.
Any furnace is not only made of a refractory brick, but needs to be used with different refractory bricks.Gongyi Jinniu refractory factory mainly produces refractory molded bricks for nonferrous metal industry.

1.Silica alumina refractory molded brick
Silica refractory molded brick
Silica refractory molded brick refers to the SiO2 content reached more than 93% of the refractory molded brick, who is the main type of acid refractory molded brick.

Clay refractory molded brick
Clay refractory molded brick is mainly composed of mullite (25% ~ 50%), glass phase (25% ~ 60%) and cristobalite and quartz (up to 30%) component.Usually hard clay as raw material, pre calcined mature material, and then with soft clay, semi dry or plastic molding, the temperature of 1300 ~ 1400 C fired clay brick products,who can also be added a small amount of water glass, cement and other binders made of non burning products and amorphous materials

High alumina refractory molded brick
High alumina refractory molded brick is composed of mineral corundum, mullite and glass phase, the content of al2o3/ depends on the SiO2 ratio and the type and amount of impurities and according to the content of Al2O3 refractory brick classification.The raw material for high alumina bauxite and sillimanite natural ore, also adding fused corundum, sintered alumina, mullite, alumina and clay and calcined clinker according to different proportion.It is with the sintering production process.

Corundum refractory molded brick
Corundum refractory molded brick refers to the Al2O3 content of not less than 90%, the main phase of a refractory brick with corundum as, can be divided into sintered corundum brick and fused corundum brick. Alkaline refractory brick. Alkaline refractory brick refers to alkaline oxides such as refractory products Mg0 and Cao as the main component.

2.Basic series of refractory molded bricks
Magnesia refractory molded bricks
Magnesia refractory molded bricks, refers to the brucite as raw materials, mainly to periclase phase, the content of MgO in refractory brick more than 85% ~ 80%.The main products of magnesite refractory molded bricks is alkaline refractory brick, high refractoriness, has good resistance to alkaline slag is a kind of important high refractory brick.
Magnesia olivine refractory molded bricks
Magnesia olivine refractory molded bricks, with 2MgO SiO2 as a main component of the refractory brick. There is good effect in copper smelting furnace.

3.Carbon containing refractory molded brick
Carbon containing refractory brick is a kind of refractory brick made of carbon or carbon compound.

Carbon refractory molded brick
Carbon refractory molded brick, with carbonaceous materials as the main raw material, made of the amount of binder of the thermostable neutral refractory products.Carbon  refractory brick masonry is widely used in the bottom of the hearth, bosh and lower stack. Can improve the continuous working time of the blast furnace, prolong the service life of carbon brick. It is also widely used in non-ferrous metal smelting furnace.

Graphite refractory products
Graphite refractory products are made of natural graphite as raw material and clay as binder. The most widely used is the graphite crucible which is used for smelting copper metal.

Carborundum refractory molded brick
Silicon carbide refractory molded brick are made of silicon carbide (SIC) as the raw material for the production of advanced refractories.Carborundum refractory molded brick has the advantages of good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, high thermal conductivity, small coefficient of linear expansion and good thermal shock resistance.In non-ferrous metals (zinc, copper, aluminum, etc.) smelting, a large number of used for distillation, distillation tray, the wall of the electrolytic tank, molten metal pipe, suction pump and smelting metal crucible.

4.Zirconium containing refractory molded brick
Zircon refractory molded brick, belongs to a kind of acidic material, is a natural zircon sand (zrsio2) product is prepared.Zirconium refractory molded brick is different from the silicon aluminum refractory brick and carbon brick, the slag resistance and thermal expansion rate is low, the thermal conductivity decreases with the increase of temperature, high load softening temperature, wear-resistant high strength, good thermal shock resistance.Zircon refractory molded brick has become an important material in various industrial fields. With the development of continuous casting and vacuum degassing technology in metallurgical industry,who Is not for aluminum, aluminum oxide and slag penetration properties, and achieved good results in the bottom of aluminum.

Fused zirconia mullite refractory molded brick
Fused zirconia mullite refractory molded brick is crystal structure is compact, high load softening temperature, good thermal shock resistance, room temperature and high temperature and high mechanical strength, good abrasion resistance, good thermal conductivity, and excellent resistance to slag erosion. The effect is very good.

5.Insulating refractory molded brick
Insulating refractory molded brick
Heat insulating refractory  molded brick is a kind of refractory material with high porosity, low volume density and low thermal conductivity.Insulating refractory molded brick is divided into high alumina insulation light refractory molded brick and mullite insulating refractory molded brick, who is the main insulation light refractory brick Al2O3 content of not less than 48% of the bauxite. Its production process using foam method, also can be used to add method.High alumina insulating lightweight refractory molded brick can be used for building insulation and part of strong high temperature molten material erosion and erosion.Direct contact with the flame surface temperature, high alumina refractory brick insulation of 1350 degrees centigrade.Mullite insulating refractory molded brick can directly contact with the flame, high temperature resistance, high strength characteristics, the energy-saving effect is remarkable.

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