Unshaped Refractories

Unshaped Refractories

Unshaped refractory material is a kind of refractory material, which is made of refractory aggregate with certain particle size gradation, powder, binding agent and admixture,also known as bulk refractory material.

Unshaped refractories used in thermal equipment lining, without firing process, directly baking use. Compared with the firebrick, with a simple process, saving energy, low cost, easy to mechanized construction and so on.In some thermal devices use effect is better than firebrick.
Unshaped refractory according to the process characteristics can be divided into pouring material, plastic, ramming material, spray material, slinging refractory, refractory mud, refractory paint and so on.

Unshaped refractories are usually made only by the preparation of granular and powdery materials and the mixing process of the mixture. The process is simple, the production cycle is short, low heat consumption, the use of good overall, adaptable, comprehensive use of good results.

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