Unconventional Refractory Combination

Unshaped refractory binder, according to their combination can be divided into the following: hydration combining, chemical combination, ceramic combination,adhesive combination, coagulating binding.

(1) Hydration bonding: the binder used is calcium aluminate cement, Portland cement, β-A2lO3, etc., hydration is the combination of water at room temperature with water and hydration reflect the production of products and produce a combination.

(2) Chemical combination: The binder used is phosphoric acid or phosphate (with or without hardening agent), sodium silicate or potassium silicate (with or without hardening agent), phenolic resin plus hardener and so on.

(3) Ceramic combination: or low-temperature sintering combination, is added in the unshaped refractory to reduce the sintering temperature of the additives or metal powder to greatly reduce the liquid phase temperature, promote low temperature solid-liquid reaction and the formation of low temperature Sintering, the use of low-temperature sintering aids there are certain borates, fluoride and boron, sodium glass, metal powder SiAAlMMg and other powder.

(4) Adhesive bond: Adhesive (adhesion) can form the binding of the majority of organic binder. 

(5) Coagulating binding: can produce with the material of coagulation combined with clay powder, oxide superfine powder (SiO2, A2lO3, TiO2, Cr2O3, etc.), colloidal silica and alumina sol and alumina sol, it was by particle coagulation combined with attract close contact between (colloidal particles), with the aid of van der Waals force and unifies in together, but have to add coagulant to make when using colloidal particle agglomeration and a combination is generated.

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