The Use of Refractory Castables

 Refractory Castable


Refractory castable is mainly used in the high temperature easy to wear parts of the thermal furnace, compared with the use of the refractory bricks,refractory castables have outstanding advantages: good integrity, high strength, anti-peeling, the overall lining life can be increased by 30% -50%, or even several times. Applicable to the construction of complex parts of the structure, improve the construction efficiency. Good air tightness, less heat loss, can save energy and so on.


Dry warehouse storage, moistureproof and waterproof, the normal storage warranty period of 6 months.

3.Brief construction instructions

3.1 Water: clean water, PH 6 ~ 8, accurate weighing (recommended the use of a unified measuring tool);

3.2 Stir: using the flat forced mixer, mixing tools must be clean, mixing time of not less than 3 minutes, even before mixing material;

3.3 Vibration bar: using the high-frequency bar,it is best to choose the larger.

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