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In order to improve the lining life, reduce the production cost, improve the management benefit, Gongyi Taurus Refractory Material Factory developed a new product names melting channel "Prefabricated lining" which is used to improve the service life of the induction furnace siliceous lining and solve the problem of sensor ditch and jams for our users.

Gongyi Taurus refractory Material Factory currently developed the Melting Channel Prefabricated Lining which is a major improvement of the induction furnace lining. It is coated with a layer of high strength neutral material in the channel outer peripheral of the induction furnace, then use the acidic silica material to make the furnace. It combine the advantages of both the acidic and neutral. The whole set of sensor is siliceous materials, with the outer peripheral prefabricated lining in the middle channel, but it has the effect of the top grade neutral lining.

Gongyi Taurus Refractory Material Factory ramming mass Factory mainly engaged in professional manufacturer of development, production and sales of the refractory mixture such as melting copper, aluminum and zinc furnace lining. And supply castable refractory for copper smelting, ramming mass for molten copper,fire clay,refractory mortar, refractory cement ,refractory mixture, refractory concrete and silica sand for copper smelting.
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