The Development Trend of Refractory Castables

1.Improve the wear and thermal stability of materials, to extend the service life

1)Measures to improve wear resistance of wear resistant castables. First, reduce the critical particle size of the material. From the original 8mm down to 3mm. The second is to improve the material matrix binding capacity. The third is to improve the material in the temperature of the thermal strength.

2)Measures to Improve Thermal Stability of Wear - resistant Castables

2.Reduce the content of impurities, reduce the content of Fe2O3 content of the kiln temperature, heat load intensified, the high temperature performance of the material put forward higher requirements, refractory materials need to choose high-quality high-purity raw materials.

3.Reduce the material density, reduce equipment weight, reduce heat loss to ensure wear and thermal shock stability of the circumstances, reduce the material density. Body weight from 2800 ~ 3000kg / m3 down to 2100 ~ 2400kg / m3, the amount of wear-resistant refractory materials decreased by 15% to 40%, the corresponding load reduction equipment. Body weight decline, thermal conductivity also decreased by 20% to 40%, reduce heat loss 8% to 50%, thereby reducing energy consumption.

4.Rapid repair technology In the cement kiln high operating rate of the case, the cement plant is very much hope to stop production and maintenance time to a minimum. The rapid repair technology development, can re-start the production time from 72 hours to 30 hours.

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