Common Lightweight Castable Classification

Light castable is made of aluminate cement, high alumina fines, ceramsite, plus a number of additives, the product has a light weight, high compressive strength, acid and acid gas corrosion. Insulation, insulation, low water absorption characteristics, the construction is simple, is the high temperature alkali resistant parts of the construction of the best products.

Good workability, strong cohesion, initial setting time and construction can be a long time, fast growth, impermeability strong, no acidification, easy to ensure that the masonry plaster full of full, can significantly improve the chimney liner It is an ideal cementing material for high chimneys, high temperature flue and duct lining. It can also be used in acid, tank and other acid resistant industries such as petroleum, chemical, nonferrous metallurgy and so on. engineering. Acid-resistant tiles, acid-resistant clay and wiping fabric acid brick, acid clay and wiping fabric is my own research and development for power plant boiler chimney and heat pipe insulation dedicated refractory material, it has acid corrosion, temperature, heat stability , The construction of convenient features.

Mainly by porosity, binder, aggregate varieties classification. In practice, often used to use the temperature or functional characteristics of classification.

According to the porosity is divided into dense castables and porosity of not less than 45% of the two kinds of insulation burner.

According to the binding agent is a combination of hydraulic, chemical combination, cohesion with castable.

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