The Classification of Unshaped Refractories

Molten Zinc Induction Furnace Ramming Mass


According to the construction method and material properties, unshaped refractory material can be divided into pouring material, mouldable refractory, ramming material, spray material, casting materials and coatings,etc.

Pouring material

A material with good flowability after stirring with water. After molding to be properly maintained, so that condensation, hardening, according to a certain system can be used after baking.

Mouldable refractory

A plastic or mud with plasticity. When the appropriate external force is applied, it is easy to deform and not crack; after the stress is removed, it is no longer deformed. Mouldable refractory can be semi-siliceous, clay, high aluminum, zircon stone, carbon, etc., but also lightweight plastic.

Ramming material

A kind of bulk refractory with very low plasticity or no plasticity. Material is siliceous, clay, high-alumina, corundum, zircon stone, silicon carbide, carbon, magnesia and so on.

Spray material

A refractory mixture for spraying with a jet.

Casting materials

A semi - dry, projectile with a projection machine. Mainly used for the construction of the whole Sheng steel drum lining. Materials are siliceous, waxy stone, clay, high aluminum and zircon stone and so on. The use of more high-silicon and high-alumina casting material.


Coating on the refractory brick lining material. According to the use of requirements and different construction methods, refractory coating is formulated into a paste and mud-like shape.

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