Manufacture of Unshaped Refractory Materials

Refractory Materials

Unshaped refractories are a kind of non-forming and can be used directly refractory materials,are composed of a reasonably graded granular and powdered material and binder. Unshaped refractories has no fixed shape, can be made into slurry, mud paste and scattered, thus also known as bulk refractory material.

Unshaped refractory particles and fine powder can be composed of any material of refractory materials, and can be divided into raw materials: siliceous refractories, clay refractories, high alumina refractories, magnesia refractory, dolomite refractory Materials, chrome refractories and so on.

The method of manufacturing the unshaped refractories is as follows:

1.Ramming molding  2.Vibration molding 3. Injection molding

When the refractory brick masonry or the overall structure of the local damage, the use of such materials to replace or use of jet, projection equipment for cold and hot repair, both rapid and economical. But also according to its material properties,used as all parts of the kiln lining and masonry protective layer and seams material.

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