The Main Chemical Elements Of Refractory Materials 

Refractory Materials

According to the content of all kinds of chemical components in refractory and its role,usually divided into the main components, plus components and impurities three categories.

1.The main components

The main components of refractory materials refers to the vast majority of the chemical composition, The chemical composition of the high temperature properties of the material play a decisive role. Refractories have excellent resistance to high temperature performance, and many refractory materials have their own characteristics, completely or basically depends on the main components.

Now, the production and use the principal component in a wide range of refractory is mainly Al2O3, BeO, Cr2O3, MgO style, CaO, SiO2, ThO2 oxides and SiC, TiO2 and UO2, ZrO2, WC, B4C carbide and AIN, Si3N4 and other nitrides, etc.

2.The plus components

Often called admixture, is in the production of refractory products for the specific purpose of adding a small amount of additional ingredients. Such as for to promote the formation and transformation of certain phases in the material, so to add the mineralizer; for to inhibit the formation of certain phases in the material, so to join the inhibitor or stabilizer; for to promote the sintering of the material, so to join the flux, etc.


Impurities are chemical constituents that are different from the main component in the refractory material,and have a low content and the chemical composition to resist high temperature properties of refractory often has a harmful effect. This chemical composition is mostly from the main ingredients of the raw materials entrainment.

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