Lightweight Castable Construction Precautions

Light-weight Castable Refractory

1.The template

Light castable construction template can be made of steel or hardwood version (plywood),template to have enough strength, good rigidity, not contorts, do not shift, do not leak pulp,steel mold to be coated mold release agent, wood template to be coated with waterproofing agent, the reused template should be cleaned first., and then paint can be used. The check hole and the cleaning hole are made of wood. The metal reinforcement of the support of the wooden plate should be more than 4 per square meter (to prevent the strong heat transfer) and the reinforcement should be welded on the basis of the anchor (that is, the reinforcement of the template should be welded to the anchor). The inspection holes and cleaning holes shall use the regular shell made of wood. Wood rubik's magic metal brace every square metre should be more than 4 root (prevent intense heat transfer) and brace should be based on the anchoring piece welding (namely the brace of the template should be welded on the anchoring piece).

2.Water-cement ratio

Mixing light castables when the water content in strict accordance with the manual control, shall not exceed the set limit to, on the premise of ensure the construction performance, add water should be few unfavorable.


Lightweight castable stirring time should be no less than 5 minutes (to our manual requirements), forced mixer should be used when operating. Mixing of dry mixed first, and then stir in 80% dosage of water, and then depending on the degree of wet and dry, add the remaining water continue stirring, until an appropriate level of work. Stir the lightweight castable should clean the mixer.

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