Copper Smelting Carbon Refractory

 Castable Refractory Materials

Carbonaceous refractory materials are widely accepted in many reducing smelting processes such as iron and ferroalloys. Oxidizing processes such as copper concentrate smelting traditionally use magnesia or alumina/silica refractory materials. The main objection to carbon-based refractories in oxidizing applications is the potential for free oxygen to react with the carbon at high temperature, which could rapidly degrade the refractory lining.

In 2013, Outotec and GrafTech conducted joint trials of a thermally conductive, carbonaceous lining for smelting copper concentrates in the Outotec? pilot-scale top-submerged-lance (TSL) furnace in Dandenong, Australia. This testwork had two equally important goals; demonstrate the ability of carbon refractories to withstand oxidizing process conditions, while ensuring that neither furnace operating conditions nor process stability were negatively affected by the refractory material. The paper discusses the input parameters of the trials, key observations during the testwork program, and the results and conclusions from both process and refractory design standpoints.

The natural copper smelting furnace is widely used in converter, horizontal, vertical and horizontal cylinder type, the converter used more.

Copper converter furnace temperature fluctuations, the linling should be used ramming mass and good thermal shock,and should have good resistance to slag,Use more is the magnesium chromium brick or chrome brick, magnesia brick due to nonferrous metal slag resistance and thermal shock resistance, generally have little use.

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