Common Knowledge of Refractory Castables

Refractory Materials

Refractory materials variety,different purposes, it is necessary to scientific classification of refractories, in order to facilitate scientific research, rational selection and management. There are many methods of classification of refractories, including chemical classification, chemical composition classification, production process classification, material morphology classification and other methods.

1.According to the level of fire resistance points:

   (1) Ordinary refractory material: 1580 ℃ ~ 1770 ℃;

   (2) Advanced refractory material: 1770 ℃ ~ 2000 ℃;

   (3) Special grade refractory material:> 2000 ℃.

2. According to the manufacturing method Refractories can be divided into:

   (1)Fired products;

   (2) Not fired products;

   (3) Amorphous refractory materials.

3. By chemical properties of materials classification:

   (1)Acid refractory;

   (2)Neutral refractory;

   (3) Alkaline refractory

4. Classification by chemical mineral composition

This classification can directly characterize the basic composition and characteristics of various refractories, and it is a common classification in production, use and scientific research, and has strong practical application significance.


  (2)Aluminum silicate

  (3)Corundum quality

  (4)Magnesium, magnesium calcium, aluminum magnesia, magnesium siliceous

  (5)Carbon composite refractory

  (6)Zirconium refractory

  (7)Special refractory materials

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